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What is Miles More Travel?

Miles More Travel has been created to help regular Brit’s like you and me travel the world as luxuriously as possible without spending ludicrous amounts of money. We want to be clear: travel is not free. However, we are here to help you find quirky tricks that will allow you to fly first and business class at economy prices.

Headed up by James & Nick we will give you insight into how buying a latte at Starbucks can provide you with the miles and points to redeem flights and hotel stays. James & Nick have been flying the world in first and business class as well as staying in lavish five-star hotel suites without breaking the bank for the past couple of years and we are now going to share with you our tricks so you can do the same!

Step 1: Earning Miles & Points

It is entirely possible to earn air miles without stepping foot on a plane (in fact, you don’t even need to leave your home!). By paying for your everyday shopping on certain credit cards (rather than pesky debit cards) you will earn points (and we all know that points mean prizes!).

You don’t need to fly weekly on business to earn a decent air miles balance!

Cards such as the British Airways American Express card and the American Express Gold card are excellent cards to keep in your wallet or purse, allowing you to earn upwards of 1 BA Avios (air mile) per £1 you spend as well as earning free travel for your companion. Find out more about earning air miles from credit cards here.

It’s really important to sign up for your favourite airline’s frequent flyer programme to get yourself a membership number. You’ll need to provide this number on your booking each time you fly with that airline to earn the rewards you deserve. If you have recently flown with an airline and didn’t provide a frequent flyer number, don’t worry as most airlines will allow you to earn rewards from travel up to a few months back.

Hotels also matter! While you are earning your points to redeem on free flights, you will need somewhere to stay too.

Step 2: Redeeming Miles & Points

Once you have earned enough points through credit card spend, credit card bonuses, air travel and more it’s time to spend these hard earned points on free travel! As you’d expect, airlines produce confusing charts to show how flying varying distances and travelling on various dates will determine the number of miles required to redeem. Don’t worry – we will help decipher this for you!

Step 3: Chasing Status

After mastering how to best utilise airline and hotel frequent traveller programmes you will soon start wondering what the Gold tags hanging on your neighbouring passenger’s luggage means and how you can get your hands on them too. Airlines and hotels reward their customers with varying levels of status depending on loyal they are to the brand. The more you travel, the better your status is and the more benefits you get when you travel! Remember George Clooney in Up in the Air….

Click here for more information on AIRLINE status or click here for more information on HOTEL status.

Step 4: Keep Reading!

We will keep this blog up-to-date with the latest deals, tricks and news to best optimise your miles as well as keeping you posted on Nick & James’ travel plans with reviews of airline products, hotels and more. Make sure you sign up as well as follow us via Twitter!

We want you to experience Miles More Travel!



From a young age James Werth has been fascinated with travel. Now an avid points collector he is here to share his tips with everyone else. James is also CEO of cruise travel agency, Cruiseo!

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